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Writing & Radio

The Dept heads have written on a broad range of topics relating to cities, politics, art and photography, creative methods of research and engagement and LGBTQ2+ history in magazines, newspapers, academic journals and anthologies. Our work highlights how spaces become places and how people connect to each other and to their built environments. 

Jane's love of history, biography, lexicography and politics were given free range in two editions of the Book of Lists. Wanted Words Volume 1 & 2 were a best-selling spin-off of the popular word game she devised while working as a CBC radio producer.

Mia's participant-driven research can be found in academic and popular publications.  Her writing has focused on creative methods of research, creativity in the city and how planning policy can make space for difference.


Any Other Way:
How Toronto Got Queer

May 2017
Coach House Press


Canadian Book of Lists – 2017 October 2017

Random House/Knopf



Canadian Book of Lists – 2005 Random House/Knopf


Creator and editor 

Wanted Words, Volume 1 & 2
Popular CBC radio segment
1999 – 2002


Host of CBC Radio One’s Workology, a series about the modern workplace, 2001–2003


Host of CBC Radio One’s Home, a series about the social construction of domesticity, 2003


Host of CBC Radio One’s
The Omnivore, a series on
eating and drinking, 2005


Host of CBC Radio One’s
And Sometimes Y, 2008 – 2009


Producer of CBC Radio One’s
The Sunday Edition, This Morning, Sounds like Canada, 1999–2007


2017 Toronto Book Award 
Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer (Coach House Press)


Honourable Mention
2018 Toronto Heritage Awards
Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer (Coach House Press)


Silver Medal
New York Radio Awards
“The Brain and Language”, episode of ‘And Sometimes Y’
on CBC Radio One, 2009


“Any Other Way is an extraordinary book, and one of the most important collections of writing by Torontonians ever published. The editors have assembled contributions from members of Toronto’s LGBTQ2S communities, who tell the stories of their lives, often in the face of ostracization, alienation, and abuse. It is impossible to come away from this book without realizing that Toronto is a better city – more human, empathetic, and accepting – because of the people in this book.”

—Toronto Book Award Jury


Jane and Charles Montgomery discuss what it might take to make a city – and its residents – happy. Jane interviewed Charles Montgomery,...

Happy City

Mia’s research and writing has focused on making space for difference in the city – be it space for at-risk women, marginalized...

Writing on Space for Difference in the City

Mia reviews Cartographies of Place: Navigating the Urban, edited by Michael Darroch and Janine Marchessault. In 2015, Mia reviewed...

Cartographies of Place – Book Review

Jane created and delivered this wildly popular radio segment, which spun off into two best-selling publications. What do you call a...

Wanted Words

Jane co-wrote this revised edition of the bestselling compendium of curious information. Before there was Buzzfeed, there was the Book of...

The Book of Lists – 2017 Edition

Jane reviews "The Candidate: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail" by Noah Richler. In October 2016, Jane reviewed Noah Richler’s...

Literary Review of Canada

Over an eight year period, Mia collaborated on research on the how culture, place and economy intersect and has co-written book chapters,...

Creative City Writing & Research

For over a decade, Jane created, edited, hosted and produced engaging content on CBC Radio. Three seasons of the limited series Workology...

CBC Radio

This groundbreaking edition, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Toronto Book Award, was co-edited by Jane. Toronto is home to multiple...

Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer

Mia has explored how photography can be used not only in the dissemination of research but in the process of discovery and collaboration....

Writing on Photography as a Creative Method of Engagement

In this first Canadian edition, Jane contributes to this compendium of weird facts and intriguing information. The first Canadian edition...

Book of Lists – 2005 Edition

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