Fatima House Women’s Shelter

The Dept has helped local people get involved in integrating this new shelter through the development of a Community Liaison Committee, a public information session, regular community bulletins, and other activities.

Fred Victor, a charitable organization dedicated to serving people experiencing homelessness, moved one of its women’s shelters into a new facility on College St West. The Dept led a community engagement plan to provide opportunities for people in the community get involved with integrating the new shelter service and residents into the community. Engagement activities included a public information session, regular community bulletins, ongoing communication and website updates, and the establishment of a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) comprised of local groups and individuals who act as go-between, relaying information, concerns and offers of support to the shelter operators, such as welcome baskets and notes from neighbours and local schools.

You are learn more on the City's website. Or take a virtual tour:

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